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8mm Neutral Crystal Bracelets

8mm Neutral Crystal Bracelets

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Simple and non charmed 8mm crystal bracelets.

Hematite: A grounding and protecting stone that harmonizes the body, enhances will power and stimulates focus
Howlite: A stone for patience and calm, helping you to be able to slow down and strengths memory
White Hetian Jade: A stone that brings luck and fortune while helping realize your dreams and wishes.
Black Amphibole: A stone that helps with inner transformation and growth
Lava Stone: Calming emotions and is used to help with strength and courage in times of change and stress.
Labradorite: Enhances mental clarity, brings about transformation and is a crystal of protection awhile helping you discover your destiny
Silver Sheen Obsidian: Improves perception, sharpens the senses and intellect, promotes articulate communication to others
Orca Agate brings a sense of calming and inner peace while boosting self-confidence, courage and understanding.

The order of the bracelets are in the order of the picture & video. Bracelets are a size 7. If you need a smaller or bigger size, please indicate in the checkout notes.

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