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Mini Araw Crystal Necklaces

Mini Araw Crystal Necklaces

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These mini Araw necklaces will have you feeling like the queen of the Philippines! Bling up your look with this new adjustable necklace - a unique way to represent your Filipino heritage with undeniable style. Mini araws are bout 1.8-2cm

The necklace can be adjusted to as long as 24 inches. Please do not pull hard on the rondelle as to not break the ends of the necklace.  Each mini araw is paired with rainbow moonstone and shells to bring a bit of elegance to the crystal.

What is pictured is what you'll get unless there are multiples where you'll receive a similar necklace as what is pictured. If there are no pictures available, the mini araw necklace is still available - it's just on preorder which will take less than 1 week to fulfill.

Materials: stainless steel settings 

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