About Me

About Me

Nice to meet you all! A little about me, I started this business back in 2021 right when the pandemic hit and I started to go back to my days of arts and crafts seeing that we could not do much.

One thing led to another and I found crystals - from one of my closest friends who introduced me to the world of crystals and their intentions. I started to look into more of what the meanings were while admiring how beautiful crystals are in person. The crystals' healing energy resonated with me on my own personal journey, helped me along the way as I wear crystal jewelry daily. I thought to myself that it would be great to share this, with my own flair to those around me - and I started to craft, curate, design and make my own crystal jewelry collections. 

It started off with adjustable rings then blossomed into a never ending journey of crystal jewelry with this business. 

My inspiration comes from my heritage and culture of being Filipina while turning my likes from pop culture and anime into wearable crystal jewelry. I thoroughly enjoy making each unique crystal piece for you all. As a crystal jewelry lover myself, I put intention into every piece that I make. It means the world to me that what I create and design speaks to you. A little bit of good energy goes a long way. 

If I'm not making crystal jewelry and accessories, you can find me being a foodie, watching either the Warriors, Niners or the Giants play depending on what season it is, and spending time with my loved ones. I love animes, k-dramas, playing video games, and I'm a very avid listener of k-pop especially Super Junior, (G)Idle, and Red Velvet. I also got into true crime podcast such as Rotten Mango. Whenever I get back into it, I also run and play golf.

I appreciate all the support that I have received and I am forever grateful to you all. Thank you for coming along for the journey. This is only the beginning. 

*picture was drawn by @kelsiekishidraws 

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