Rewards Program!

Rewards Program!

We have a rewards program in place!

As a thank you for your support, we have a special rewards program in place!

There is a box on the left corner of the website page that you can join for FREE.

For every $1 that is spent, you will get 10 crystals that can be redeemed to earn rewards to use towards your order. There is no expiration date for the crystals in your account and can be redeemed for the following rewards:

You may only use the reward that you redeem once and have to earn more "crystals" redeem more rewards.

Please be aware that the rewards that are issued cannot be combined with any other discount codes, other rewards or that you may have in your possession. Yet the rewards can be used with discounts that are automatically on the website. If you have any questions about the redeeming, please email or use our contact page.

For the $20 off reward, you must spend $75+ on your order to redeem it while the others have no minimum purchase.

Once the "crystals" are redeemed for rewards, it cannot be given back to your account.

The rewards are run by a third party app called Smile. If you have any questions, please email or use our contact page.

We are not liable for any misuse of the rewards or mistakes of redeeming. Please be sure when you redeem that that's the reward that you would like. 

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