Sizing Chart

Here are some references for sizing charts for bracelets, the clip on earrings and necklace chain lengths.

How to find your bracelet size
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Earring Clip Ons:
The top size is the medium size and the bottom size is the small size. If you need to switch out the hooks or studs to clips on, please say the size and color you would like in the checkout notes section. The clip ons are made with stainless steel.

Necklace Chain Lengths:
*NOTE: I normally carry 18 inch chains with a 2 inch extender which goes up to a 20 inch chain. There will be instances where I carry either a 16 inch or a 24 inch necklace chain and that will be always be in the description box of the jewelry item.

Chain Length (Inches) Body Placement
14” Collar: Wraps around the throat/neck
16” Choker or Bib: Against the base of the throat/neck
17” - 18” Princess: Against the collarbone
20” - 24” Matinee: Somewhere along the neckline: from the collarbone to the top of the bust (depends on height, neck length, etc.)
28” - 36” Opera: On or slightly below the bust
36” - 42” Rope: Doubles/wraps to sit at or slightly below the bust
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